'John Case' is the nom de plume
that Jim and Carolyn Hougan use
when they write together. 
At the moment, JohnCase.com is under construction
(really, we're working on it)
but we hope to have it up in a couple of months.
Ballantine will publish the next John Case thriller
in August.  It's called Ghost Dancer, and you can
order it---or any of the John Case/Jim Hougan
books---from any of the following sites:

Barnes & Noble: bn.com
   Borders: amazon.com
   The Mystery Bookstore (Los Angeles): orders@mystery-bookstore.com
   Kate's Mystery Books (Cambridge): katesmysbks@earthlink.net
   Mysterious Bookshop (New York): info@mysteriousbookshop.com
   Booked for Murder (Madison): booked4murder@mailbag.com